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paula rastrick

Having spent most of my own journey working through the various challenges of perimenopause in isolation wondering why my psychological symptoms were so debilitating I have both the ‘knowing’ of being a woman in this life phase as well as the professional qualifications and experience. 

The Brain Body Method Programs and Courses in somatic and emotional regulation and hormone health give you the tools to help regulate your neurobiology and relieve chronic health issues and hormonal imbalances from the inside out!  Rather than just treating the symptoms, I teach both the practical exercises (the ‘how”) and the scientific rationale (the ‘why’).

I’m also a firm believer that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. My 1-to-1 sessions are built to your bespoke needs to ensure we can build the right programme for you and help deliver the results you want to tangibly feel.

Still unclear about how we could work together? Book in for a free 20-minute Curiosity Call so we can understand how best to help you.

Work with me

Book a free Curiosity Call with me

Not sure which programme is right for you? I offer a free 1-to-1, Curiosity Call so we can understand how best to help you.